What We Do

We are committed to making tech support instant, simple, and available to everyone. How do we do that? TecMe empowers IT technicians with support, tools, and infrastructure that allow them to deliver top-tier support anytime, anywhere.

Our Technicians

All technicians are background-checked, identity verified, licensed (if required), and they’re available to you at a moment’s notice on TecMe.

Each technician is interviewed before joining to ensure quality and their ability to communicate technical issues.




Licensed (if required)

Our Team

Colten Smith
CEO & Director
Colten Smith co-founded TecMe as Chief Executive Officer. Colten helped to launch multiple marketplaces by creating and implementing growth marketing strategies, managing development, and seeding the marketplaces with supply. Colten gained his marketing expertise as Senior Marketing Consultant at PenPath allowing businesses to seamlessly answer business questions using their marketing data.
Gerald Caussade
COO & Chairman

A serial entrepreneur, Gerald Caussade was one of the founders of business intelligence. Gerald founded ClearAccess Corp in 1987 and sold to Computer Associates in 1994. Gerald then moved to Costa Rica and co-founded ArtinSoft Corp in 1997 licensing the artificial intelligence engine to Microsoft in 2001, which was embedded in every copy of Visual Studio. Later, Gerald was the regional CIO and HIPAA Security Officer for the Dept of Mental Health in Missouri from 2003 – 2008.

David Orton
David Orton served at ATI Technologies as the President and Chief Executive Officer of the global fabless semiconductor company where he grew the company’s revenue from $1B in 2000 to $2.4B in 2005. David also served in 2006-2007 as Executive Vice President of Visual and Media Businesses for AMD overseeing strategy and operations following the company’s acquisition of ATI Technologies. David currently serves as President & CEO of GEO Semiconductor and is on the Board of Directors.
Bob Beringer
Robert Beringer is the CEO and founder of Electronic On-Ramp (EOR), a computer and network security company catering to entities such as the NSA, CIA, and U.S. Navy. Robert is a Service Disabled Veteran that’s provided Special Operation Support Services in Iraq and Afghanistan, during this time Robert became the go-to expert for designing new tactical communications systems for the 3rd Force Reconnaissance Operators and Navy Seals. Robert is also one of the first 20 Quantum Computer certified programmers in the world.
Dr. Fawsy Bendeck

Fawsy Bendeck has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence (University of Kaiserslautern/Trier, Germany) with focus on Semantics unification and Software Engineering. Currently Senior Principal on Integration Architecture for one of the largest global consulting firms. His focus here is on integration platforms at global scales (e.g. healthcare platforms, systems & data interoperability FHIR).

Montez Fitzpatrick
With nearly two decades of IT and security experience, Montez Fitzpatrick has worked across numerous industries including healthcare, finance, gaming, and non-profit. Prior to joining Navvis Montez served as Business Information Security Officer at Equifax, joining after their 2017 data breach. Montez’s role focused on restoring public trust through risk management and information assurance. Montez also served as Director of Information Security and Compliance for Keystone Technologies (MSP).
Kenneth Ross
Kenneth Ross was Chief Executive Officer of Atrium and developed the first set of professional tools to allow large companies to professionally manage their microcomputer resources. Kenneth led Atrium’s acquisition by Computer Associates, a leading publicly traded software company, in 1988. Kenneth then became Chief Executive Officer at FoodChain ID (FCID) offering a range of testing, certification, advisory and services to the agrifoods industry from 2006 to 2017.
Christopher Schember
Christopher Schember is the founder and principal of Business Development Advisors (BDAdvisors) offering 30+ years of experience in the Information Technology Industry. BDAdvisors counsels entrepreneurs, executives and boards of directors on strategic business combination and capital transactions. Christopher’s background includes merger and acquisition advisory services at Broadview International (now part of Jefferies & Company) and Alliant Partners (formerly owned by Silicon Valley Bank).