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Focus on providing great support for your customers and leave the rest to us.

Starting a tech support business?

TecMe is tailored end-to-end for IT support providing technicians with the infrastructure, tools, and marketing know-how to be successful in starting or growing a tech support business

Take tickets and payments from anywhere

Your customers create and manage tickets from any of their devices and have peace-of-mind with real-time updates as you begin and complete their services.

Create your own custom marketing strategy

TecMe isn't just great tools and infrastructure, we're here to help you grow a business. Our marketing professionals work with you to create a strategy that will make you successful.

The tools you need, built-in

To deliver great tech support a technician needs the right digital toolset. Remote access, audio/video calls, and direct chat with your customers, as soon as they create a ticket.

Frequently asked questions

On average, the onboarding process to become a technicians takes 1-2 weeks depending on when an interview can be scheduled with a TecMe team member and how long it takes to receive the background check results.
Your pay is determined from the hourly rates you set in your technician profile. At the completion of a booking your rate is multiplied by the duration of the service. You’ll need to add your banking info so payouts can be made within 24 hours of service confirmation.
A technician’s clock starts only once they begin the actual service i.e. for an on-site booking this is once the technician arrives at the service location and for a remote booking this is when the customer connects to the remote session.
Technicians retain 50% of the holding fee authorized by the customer when they book to cover travel expenses and retain 80% of the final booking amount billed after the completion of the service.
For all bookings on TecMe, the customer authorizes a holding fee when they book. If the customer cancels under 48 hours of the booking’s scheduled time, an amount is distributed to you to cover opportunity costs.
You can easily edit your rates and profile via the TecMe mobile app and following the steps below:
  1. Sign into your technician account
  2. Tap the profile icon in the bottom navigational bar
  3. Tap “Edit Account” 
  4. Locate the information you would like to edit and make the needed changes
  5. Tap “Save” to finalize your changes
TecMe does not provide technicians with tools to complete a service, therefore it is your responsibility to provide your own tools. If you are requested for a service and you do not have the proper tool set, you must decline the request and let a technician with the needed tools pick it up.
Customers need to ensure the person that is working on their private devices is safe hand over access to. Therefore, all technicians are required to pass a background check supplied by our–third-party provider–Checkr.

Checkr will contact you via email to submit the following information so a check can be ran: 
  1. Full legal name (including middle name)
  2. Date of birth
  3. Social Security Number
  4. Current zip code
  5. Phone number 

How to get started

1. Submit an application

Fill out an application telling us about your tech support experience and your plans for organizing, starting, or growing your business.

2. Attend the onboarding session

Join a one-time onboarding session to learn how to use the TecMe mobile app to service customers and get your questions answered.

3. Pass a background check

Submit and pass a background check ensuring the safety of customers using the TecMe platform.

4. Add your services

Add in all your tech support services for any device. Create your own pricing and scheduling info for each service.

5. Create a custom marketing strategy

Work directly with our marketing professionals to receive more bookings from current and new customers.

6. Start servicing

Service, chat, and manage your customers using the TecMe mobile app.

Are you ready to grow your tech support business?

View the requirements below and begin your application today!


Experience working on the devices you service


Access to reliable transportation


Able to provide your own on-site tooling

Customer Service

Passionate about helping your customers directly