Technician Handbook

View technician policies, Covid-19 policies, and common situations that occur while performing services for TecMe.


1. Technician’s are not to share any direct contact information with customers from TecMe at any point throughout the booking process. All digital communication should be done through the chat and video conferencing features within the TecMe mobile app.

2. A technician begins their clock only when they start servicing their customer.

The start of service is different depending on if the booking is on-site or remote. For on-site bookings this is when they’ve entered the jobsite and have greeted the customer but for remote bookings this is when the remote session has been started.

3. A technician’s clock ends upon completing the service.

Service completion is different depending on if the booking is on-site or remote. For on-site bookings this is when they've checked with the customer to ensure their satisfaction with the service and is leaving the jobsite but for remote bookings this is when the customer leaves the remote session.

4. A technician who must arrive late to a service is expected to properly communicate this to the customer via in-app chat as soon as possible. It is the job of a technician to ensure a high customer satisfaction and not doing so results in less requests for that technician.

5. While reviewing a request the technician should ONLY accept the booking if they can answer yes to the following questions:

A) I have experience fixing the customer’s issue or a related one before. B) I have experience working on the customer’s device or a very similar device before. C) I have all of the needed tools to complete the service. D)I know what precautions need to be taken to ensure the safety of the customer's device.

6. If the technician answers no to any of the questions labeled in policy #5 the request must be declined for a better fitting technician to accept.
7. If a customer’s device is damaged in any way due to the technician during a booking, the technician will be temporarily suspended from the platform while the situation is under review and may be held liable for repair costs.
8. Before entering a on-site booking a technician must have standard shoe covers available to avoid accidently damaging the customer's property.

Covid-19 Policies (On-Site only)

1. Technicians must wear a mask at all times while on the customer’s property.

2. Technicians must limit their working area to only what is needed to properly service the customer.

3. Before leaving the jobsite, technicians must wipe down all surfaces used during the service with a disinfectant.

Common Situations & Solutions

Long-Term Solution – Before leaving on the first day, you will communicate with your customer to find an appropriate date and time to return and finish the service. You will have the option of charging a return fee if needed for mileage or time.

Current Solution – After deciding upon a date and time of return, contact support to finalize the return.
Solution – Communicate the situation to your customer and ask when they’d like a qualified technician to return and finish the service. Call support and explain the situation, when the customer would like to finish the service, and your rate. Support will then find a qualified technician and have them help the customer at the scheduled time. Clocking-out is required when you discover that you cannot complete the service. You will be compensated for the time you spent troubleshooting the device.

Support Lines:

Phone/Text: +1 (888) 678-3263 
TecMe Technician Slack